Angie Petersen-Green

Angie Petersen-Green is the CFO (Chief Freedom Officer) of Vision Maps with Angie and Coached by Angie.  Growing up on a farm in rural Nebraska. She was instilled with impeccable values and understands what hard work is. She has spent the last 20+ years working as a Certified Nurse Aide in High School and working her way up the career ladder to be an Assisted Living Administrator. Shortly, after the death of her father in 2015, she realized her life needed a change, and that’s exactly what happened. Although, she was still dedicated to serving individuals in the communities where she resided along with virtually as well. She was guided by her very first “life coach” who asked Angie…What is one thing you’d like to do? And that’s where the birth of Vision Boards was born. Angie holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Bellevue University along with her most recent certification as a OOLA Life Coach.   In her spare time she enjoys spending time with friends, family, reading anything on personal development and biking. 


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